We have a large manufacturing facility in Doswell, Virginia (22 miles north of Richmond) with state-of-the-art converting equipment. Here is a list of some of our major equipment and their capabilities:

136″ wide Extrusion Coating/Laminating Lines

136″ wide with capabilities for priming, electrostatic surface treatment, printing 1 and 2 colors, moisturizing, functional coatings, foil lamination, polyester lamination, perforating, pigmented poly surfaces, and adhesive (non-poly) laminating. Finished products from 3 mils to 50 mils, rolls or sheets.

136" Coating & Laminating
136" Coating & Laminating in One Location.

Material Capabilities


  • Polyethylenes
  • Polypropylenes
  • EMA (Ethylene Methyl Acrylate)
  • EAA (Ethylene Acrylic Acetate)
  • Metallocenes


  • UV Stabilizer
  • Slip Agents
  • VCI
  • Pigments
  • Flame Retardants


  • Kraft Paper
  • Kraft Linerboard
  • Recycled Paperboard
  • Bleached Paper and board
  • Aluminum Foil
  • Woven & Non-woven Fabrics
  • Scrims
  • PET, OPP, Nylon Films

2-Station 136″ wide Aqueous Coating/Printing Lines

This line is excellent at applying repulpable vapor barriers, colored lines, and functional coatings, as well as 1 or 2 color printing.
Available coatings: Oil and Grease Resistance, Water Resistance, Wax Replacement, Anti Skid, Abrasion Resistance, Release, Repulpable moisture barrier, and Silicone

Auxiliary Equipment

This line can be used for color printing or rewinding to widths as small as 5″.

Used to produce rolls from 3″ to 16″ diameter, up to 136″ wide.

These presses can cut product up to 0.500″ thick and up to 60″ x 80″.

Sheet sizes up to 80″ wide and 144″ long.

In addition to these major equipment lines, Specialty Coating & Laminating has numerous smaller manufacturing processes in our 250,000 sq.ft. facility with 3 manufacturing buildings. Our extensive manufacturing equipment, facilities, and personnel (many of our producers have over 20 years of experience) allow us to develop and produce various types of products for industrial packaging, building, and food packaging markets.

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