Isolation Gown Fabric

Isolation Gown Fabric Rollstock
Fabric for Isolation Gown Manufacturers
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Breathable, Lightweight Material

Barrier Protection from Fluid for First Responders & Medical Personnel

Give first responders and medical personnel the protection and comfort they need with fluid-resistant, latex-free isolation gown fabric.

Flexible and breathable, our Isolation Gown Fabric is made from a non-woven composite material, providing reliable barrier protection from fluid contaminants and cross-contaminations. Customizable to fit your specific needs, we offer fabric with or without moisture holdout features in single-layer to two-layer structures. 

Please Note: This product is fabric sold as rollstock. It is not a converted gown but sold to manufacturers for their converting process.
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Product Specifications


  • Non-woven composite with Micro-porous coating 
  • ANSI PB70 Level 3: Moderate fluid barrier protection


This product is sold as rollstock. It is not a converted gown. Rolls are shipped with protective coated side wound in.

Roll Width

  • 55 Inch Width
  • 60 Inch Width

*Custom Sizes Available

Outer Diameter (OD)

  • 10 Inch Diameter
  • 43 Inch Diameter


  • Two-Layer
    (breathable, moisture proof)

*Custom Layer Structures Available

Color Options

  • White
  • Blue
  • Yellow
*Custom Colors Available
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