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Slip Sheets

The efficient & cost-effective alternative to wooden pallets

Chain-of-custody certified, Recycled content, Renewable, Recyclable, Repulpable, Compostable

Save on Raw Material, Shipping & Storage

Solid Fiber Slip Sheets are comprised of multiple pies of certified kraft linerboard for pallet-less material handling and loading of bulky, lighter weight products. Performing at a fraction of the weight of pallets, Slip Sheets are durable, lighter to transport, easy to store in less space, and reusable. Die-cut and scored with push/pull tabs, paperboard Slip Sheets eliminate pallet damage and facilitate stretch wrapping. This product is compatible with standard forklifts.

If you want to improve your packaging impact, paperboard Slip Sheets combine certified renewable fibers and bioplastic raw materials. Our Standard Slip Sheets are comprised of sustainably-sourced virgin kraft linerboard with a 100% biodegradable, water-based polyvinyl
acetate (PVA) adhesive.

We utilize additives and coatings for additional performance related to anti-slip, moisture barrier, and compostability. End-of-use recovery potential is determined by type of coating and lamination.

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Slip Sheet Benefits

Compared To Slip Sheets
Wooden Pallets
  • Save up to 90% in tertiary packaging costs
  • Fit up to 100+ slip sheets in the space of a standard pallet, requiring less storage space
  • Lower your per-unit transportation expense and related carbon emissions, given lighter weight
  • Save up to 15% freight space and avail volume and weight capacity to ship more finished goods
  • Easily replaceable, compared to tracking, retrieving, and maintaining pallets
  • Prevent or reduce rodent and pest damage common with wooden pallets
  • Recover standard slip sheets as OCC
Plastic Tier Sheets
  • More cost-effective

Slip Sheet Specifications

Size Width: 51”
Length: 43”
Pull tab radius: 3“
Custom sizes available
Thickness Caliper: .045 – 0.70”
Custom calipers: .045” to .120”
Moisture 6-9%
Curl 0” target up to 3/8”
Available Coatings Anti-slip
Also Available Anti-mold, grease-resistant & insect repellent coatings

Slip Sheet Options

  Standard Slip Sheets Non-Slip Slip Sheets Moisture Barrier PE Coated Slip Sheets Moisture Barrier Compostable Slip Sheets
Description Linerboard laminated with PVA Linerboard with top-side anti-slip coating laminated with PVA Linerboard with top-side PE coating laminated with PVA or PE Linerboard with top-side bioplastic coating laminated with PVA
Raw Materials        
Supplier Fiber Chain-of-Custody Certified*
Renewable Fiber
Renewable Bioplastic      
Recycled PE      
Packaging Recovery        
100% Recyclable    

* Chain-of-Custody Certified: Specialty Coating & Laminating sources fiber from suppliers with Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) or Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) chain-of-custody certification for forest management, controlled sources, and reclaimed materials Ask for our supplier certificates.